Firewood Chutes.Com

You don't have to carry firewood.
That's right, the days of carrying firewood into your house are over.

Through a revolutionary new design process, we have created a firewood chute to fit any home. We can redesign your bulkhead door to allow firewood to be sent into your basement through an easy to use firewood chute. When you're done your bulkhead door reverts back to normal use.
A firewood chute can attach to the side of your house. Allowing easy and clean entry for firewood only. Our design process keeps the weather out, but allows you to easily send firewood in.  


  A firewood bin catches the wood at the other end. No mess to clean up, no piles to stack and best of all your firewood is right where you need it to be when you want to start or add to a fire.

No more walking through the snow, no more carrying wood in the freezing cold. A firewood chute allows you to enjoy your fireplace and keep your house neat and clean.


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